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I am Filip De Vos and here you can find my articles, resume and links to open source projects. If you want to contact me you can mail, message on twitter, or take a look what I'm up to on StackOverflow.

Multi-monitor desktop layout

Why are people using side by side screen layout in windows when there exists a far superior layout...

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Debugging TSQL Code on SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2008 once again comes with a TSQL Debugger (which is really quite good). The only condition for using it is that the code is available in a non-encrypted form on the database...

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One-on-One Meetings

When managing a team most managers organise team meetings, standups, demo meetings, retrospectives, but does your manager book some solid one on one time?

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Query the content of a temp table from another connection in SQL Server

The SQL Server debugger is quite powerful, but it has the major flaw that you can't peek into a temp table when hitting a breakpoint. Until now...

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Going beyond sp_help_index

The procedure sp_help_index is an important tool for the DBA, but it is lacking quite some information.

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How to determine the default database path in all SQL Server Versions

There is no function available within SQL Server to determine the default database file path.

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How to create SQL Server temp tables without collation problems

Creating temp tables on mixed collation servers can have some nasty surprises in store.

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How to strip trailing zeros

Strip trailing spaces from a string in TSQL is a bit tricky

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